These Wallcoverings by Bradley L Bowers for Wolf-Gordon Explore Visual Depth

Bradley L Bowers works in many mediums, from paper twisted and scrunched into lanterns to clay turned into delicate vessels. He’s also a dab hand at digital media and surface design. To wit, his new line for Wolf-Gordon, Chromalis: a heady exploration of visual depth and movement. The series was influenced by Bowers’s varied interests—art, gardening, thermodynamics. Among the choices is Borealis, the collection’s sole Type II vinyl wallcovering, its glowy gradients inspired by change (the only constant). Bowers programmed computer algorithms to generate intersecting line work for Phantom, a Supreen woven polyester upholstery inspired by moiré. Graffito, in the same fiber, references dual art traditions: spray-painted street art and Impressionist pointillism. Each mesmerizing offering comes in four rich colorways.

Bradley L Bowers
Bradley L Bowers.

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