October 4, 2018

8 Perfectly Packaged Wall Accessories

1. Antoine Daniel’s City Skyline Silhouette of San Francisco wall accessory in laser-cut painted steel by The Line through Ameico
2. River Run Through It, Magic Sky, and Waves prints in water-based latex ink on archival paper by Chasing Paper
3. Andrew Mau’s Moana polished-glass mirror with wood frame and brass hardware by O&G Studio
4. Dongyoung Lee and Michiel Hilbrink’s Sun Fluid decorative wall panels in felted wool with pine frames by Things of Morel
5. Javier Robles’s Number One umbrella stand in brass and marble by Lumifer
6. Blush Angled Small Circle mirrors in laser-engraved glass with lacquered MDF frame by Zoë Pawlak Studio
7. Mia Gammelgaard and Ehlén Johansson’s Krok coat hook strip in epoxy-coated steel and plastic by Van Esch through Magnuson Group
8. Kari Merkl’s Shooks shelf with hooks in powder-coated aluminum by Merkled Studio

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