Meyer Davis & OMA

Meyer Davis and OMA Take Home a Best of Year Award for One Park Grove in Miami

2021 Best of Year winner for Domestic Lobby/Amenity

Developer and art collector Jorge Pérez assembled an all-star lineup for the architecture and design of this project, the last of three towers to be built in a Coconut Grove waterfront complex. OMA partner Shohei Shigematsu envisioned the undulating exterior concrete columns, which swell and contract like the trunks of palm trees. Meyer Davis designed the lobby and other public areas, incorporating artwork from Pérez’s private collection. Both architect and designers found inspiration in a 1983 Christo and Jeanne-Claude installation that wrapped islets in Biscayne Bay with hot-pink polypropylene. It influenced how the lobby interiors negotiate the tower’s peanut-shape footprint—pinched at the center with two elevator cores—and multiple grade changes. Similar to the way the islands were encircled with concentric bands of fabric, the designers layered ribbons of stone flooring that radiate outward from the core. “Where those lines converge and intersect, we created ‘islands’ of seating,” senior project manager Sonya Cheng explains. Patterned rugs ground those sitting areas—principal Will Meyer calls them “moments of serenity, the residual between waves”—as they float between the core and the curved glass exterior. “It’s not a traditional layout,” Meyer acknowledges. “It’s really a new language with its own logic, rules, and geometry, but it creates its own sense of space.”

Meyer Davis & OMA
Meyer Davis & OMA
meyer davis: Will Meyer; Gray Davis; Sonya Cheng; Mei Lau; Drew Tucker; Marianne Mordhorst
OMA: Shohei Shigematsu; Scott Abrahams; Matthew Haseltine; Cass Nakashima; Nils Sanderson; Daeho Lee; Matthew Edgardo Davis; Jeremy Kim; Gonzalo Lopez; Pantea Tehrani; Sumit Sahdev; Jun Shimada; Andrew Mack; Miguel Darcy; Betty Fan; Carly Dean; Ahmadreza Schricker; Britt Johnson; Shida Salehi-Esmati; Jackie Woon Bae; Ian Watchorn; Filippo Nanni; Esin Erez; Luke Willis