June 29, 2015

Work Better in 20 Simply Amazing Office Interiors

Architecture and design firms worldwide are killing it with office spaces for their own staff—and for clients like LinkedIn, Pandora Media and Birkenstock. Click on the images below to read the articles and see the slideshows for each project.

Thumbs 19751 Onefootbal Headquarters Tkez 01.jpg Thumbs 8873 Coffee Bar Houston Office MaRs 0515.jpg Thumbs 56730 Meeting Pods LinkedIn Office IA Interior Architects 0515.jpg
Thumbs 94478 Table Ws Development Office Elkus Manfredi Architects 0515.jpg Thumbs 67297 Lobby Landmark Alexander Gorlin 0515.jpg Thumbs 593 Stgm Architects Office 03.jpg
Thumbs 23541 Cafe Pandora Media Studios Architecture 0515.jpg Thumbs 9888 Balcony Hdr Headquarters 0515.jpg Thumbs 78402 Interior 03 Leo Burnett Office Nefa Architects 0515.jpg
Thumbs 31875 Seating Area A E Networks Mancini Duffy 0515.jpg Thumbs 12788 Interior Smashbox Studio Gensler 0515.jpg Thumbs 88371 Dinosaur 02 Legendary Felderman Keatinge Associates 0515.jpg
Thumbs 31901 Theater Wild Card Media Office Christopher David Associates 0515.jpg Thumbs 56823 Seating Area02 Campus DEGW Italia 0515.jpg Thumbs 78885 Seating Area Conde Nast Entertainment TPG Architecture 0515.jpg
Thumbs 81630 Balcony Valueact Capital Gould Evans 0615.jpg Thumbs 46831 Bleachers Avery Dennison Corporation Office Hok 0515.jpg Thumbs 73454 Lounge 03 Birkenstock Brandherm Krumrey 0415.jpg
Thumbs 61238 Plants Office Tower Ippolito Fleitz 0615.jpg Thumbs 58899 Floorboards Shipyard Studio 3xN 0615.jpg

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