October 4, 2017

7 Furnishings That Take Curves to a New Level

Circlet two-seater lounge chairs and tablets in tubular
aluminum by Darran Furniture.

BuzziMirage mirror in glass by BuzziSpace.

Tapa ottomans in polyurethane by SixInch.

Retreat lounge chairs in upholstered foam and
reinforced steel by Allsteel.

Mobius bench in recycled acrylic and sensor-
activated LEDs by 3Form.

Muffle modular seating and desk system in plastic
laminate, steel, and felt by Okamura Corporation.

Reverse occasional tables in polished aluminum, plywood, oak, ceramic, HPL, or marble with a polyethylene base by Andreu World.

Luno chair in recycled polyester by Keilhauer.


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