August 11, 2016

Carpeting Captures Tulalip Tribe Tradition

Flooring manufacturer Durkan translates large-scale designs into luxury carpeting for hospitality environments. The company, part of industry leader Mohawk Group, manufactures its colorful and lightweight Definity line with cutting-edge technology capable of rendering complex designs and replicating the durability of Axminster carpets.

Seattle-based firm IDI Studio specified Durkan’s cutting-edge Definity flooring for the Tulalip Resort Casino in Washington, which celebrates a strong Native American tradition. Lead project designer Stephanie Ellis-Carmody chose Durkan to translate the Tulalip tribe’s heritage into flooring. “With Definity, we were able to achieve highs and lows within the tufting process to give definition, shaping, shadowing, and overall luster to the carpet,” she says.

Durkan’s Definity Precision Sculpted Technology


– Multi-level cut & loop construction with precise design and color placement
– Rich color palette with options to incorporate up to 24 color values into every design
– Colorstrand solution dyed nylon
– Colorfastness to light, atmospheric contaminants, and harsh cleaning agents
– Capable of replicating the durability and look of Axminster carpets
– Red List free and recyclable at the end of the carpet’s life

Durkan designers collaborated with Tulalip artisans to create custom designs that celebrate the Native American tribe’s culture and artistry, while honoring the resort’s commitment to four-diamond luxury. In the hotel, public corridors boast richly saturated imagery of sacred Tulalip symbols—designs made possible through an advanced tufting process that creates complex visual and tactile experiences. In guest rooms, striped carpeting evokes the Tulalip weaving tradition. 

“Visually, Definity provides so much texture that it really adds to the hotel’s overall character,” says Ellis-Carmody, who described the unveiling ceremony as a “wow” moment.

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