August 31, 2016

Fabric & Wallcovering: pg 88-98

From textured-stone wall tiles and hand-gilded wallpaper to tie-inspired upholstery, here are 26 recent product introductions in the fabric and wallcoverings category. Need something subtle but still intriguing? Mindscape, a textured solid inspired by stained wood, marries a delicate wood-grain print with a shimmering type II vinyl surface for Lanark Wallcovering. Sahco’s two-tone Attilio pits a bold geometric relief—in a 2-inch pattern repeat—against a satiny base, through Donghia. Meanwhile, Ghislaine Viñas’s intricately patterned cotton calico, ShweShwe has been fondly dubbed the tartan of South Africa for its enduring popularity in traditional Sotho dress from Flavor Paper. All products have also been featured in Interior Design‘s recent Spring Market Tabloid.

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