September 21, 2012

Gessi Reveals Goccia Bath Collection

Italian artist and industrial designer Prospero Rasulo created Goccia, the bath fittings and furnishings collection introduced to the North American market by Gessi USA. Rasulo developed Goccia, the Italian word for droplet, as a lifestyle concept, equally restrained and fluid.

Inspiration for the collection is drawn from the sinuous silhouette of a water droplet: minimalist, modern and classic. This design motif, transparent and constant, is sculpted into solid form for an integrated environment as showerheads, ceiling mounted faucets, sink fixtures, and various accessories.

Designed to reduce water-consumption by up to 50 percent, the faucets are eco-functional and decorative—a simple arc terminated with a “drop-shaped head.” Luca Poletto, Managing Director at Gessi, says, “Gessi products spring from creative freedom and a passion for objects liberated from prescribed functions and reinvented for new uses.” All products are crafted in a small valley Northwest of Milan. Available finishes include: Chrome, Brushed Chrome, White and Black (Matte).

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