January 1, 2016

José de Villar

Firm DeVillarChacón Arquitectos.

Location : Madrid, Spain.

Honors Premio Madrid 100% Arquitectura.

Bio : Born in Madrid in 1976. Obtained the title of Senior Architect ETSAM in the year 2003, working as an architect collaborator Selgascano study 2003-2006. In 2008 founded D and Villar-CH Acon alongside Carlos Chacón Perez Arquitectos and now combines his activity in the study with the assistance and coordination of projects and works for the Division of Sustainability and Technical Infonavit based in Mexico City. In 2010 makes the doctorate courses obtaining the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) ETSAM in 2011 and access to the doctoral program in which it does research, international docotorado and his doctoral thesis.

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