March 11, 2013

Knoll Textiles’ Bright New Elements


comes boldly out of the gate for 2013 with this year’s latest collection, Elements, featuring large-scale pattern, vivid color and texture. The collection centers around three original upholstery designs by creative director Dorothy Cosonas: Ikat Square, Ikat Strip and Origin. All three were inspired by classic ikat, which Cosonas modernized by weaving in various patterns from Japanese textile books.

IkatSquare By Dorothy Cosonas

Ikat Square by Dorothy Cosonas.

Elements also includes vinyl and woven performance wall coverings: Landscape is a vinyl that looks like faux silk; Posture, also vinyl, features light embossing for a slight sheen that adds depth and dimension; and Akita is a woven mixture of matte and lustrous yarns.

Ikat Square By Dorothy Cosonas On Cini Boeri Ottoman Ii

Ikat Square, Origins and Ikat Stripe by Dorothy Cosonas.

Textile designer

Suzanne Tick

‘s designs are also featured in Elements. Part of the KT Collection, her upholstery fabric Synth is a modern, technical upholstery fabric that comes in a range of vibrant hues. Versa, another upholstery textile, puts a fresh techno spin on spheres with a playful pattern that creates a micro-macro effect: close-up it’s a small circle pattern, at a distance it is a large geometric pattern. For drapery, there’s Token, an elegant sheer featuring a horizontal band of color with a vertical mini-stripe, and Suspend, a contemporary interpretation of a mid-century drapery.

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