October 4, 2017

Lauren Rottet’s Namesake Collection Emphasizes The Reflective and Absorptive Media of Her Modern Pieces

Rottet Collection showroom, Chicago.

Lauren Rottet first
designed furniture,
a sofa for herself, in
1990. Since then,
she’s shared that
talent with a host of
manufacturers and
private clients. “I’ve
learned a lot about
product design,” the
Interior Design Hall
of Fame member
says. An understatement for sure, but it sparks a full-circle moment, as establishes her own brand,
Rottet Collection, inaugurated with 43 high-modern pieces across multiple categories.

Embracing the dynamic and eschewing the static, Rottet emphasizes “reflective and absorptive” media, like the acrylic back on the solid-mahogany Wood Float sofa, or the mirrored panel bordered by brushed bronze in the Cross Bar table. Stainless-steel frames the Dichroic table, the glass coated in micro-layers of oxidized metals. Pure naturalism gets its due in the settee, its rattan back rising over the cerused white-oak seat. rottetcollection.com

Cross Bar.
Rottet Collection showroom, Chicago.

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