May 14, 2013

Molteni&C Reissues Select Gio Ponti Pieces

Italian furniture company


turns the spotlight back towards the godfather of 20th-century Italian design, Gio Ponti, with a range of the prolific designer’s reissues. The company worked with Ponti’s heirs, and together, after two years of in-depth research, selection and analysis of prototypes, selected nine pieces that include furnishings Ponti designed between 1935 and 1950.


Librerie – Bookcases designed from 1956-1957 for Ponti’s house on via Dezza in Milan.

The collection focuses on pieces Ponti created exclusively for private homes or limited series and includes a cocktail table that he designed for his own house in Milan as well as a bookcase, a rug, chest of drawers, tea table, armchair, aluminum chair and frames.

Francesca Molteni, who oversaw production of the pieces, explains that they did not plan to reissue to Gio Ponti collection. “We were inspired to do so after my father and I had the opportunity to visit the studio of Gio Ponti’s nephew,” says Molteni. “We were immediately drawn to a beautiful bookcase. When we found out it was designed by Gio Ponti, we decided to look into his archive to find other pieces that were never before produced industrially.”

She continues, “We chose the other pieces in the collection because, similar to the bookcase, they were simple, yet very well designed. We knew they would be able to live together in their own collection, but also integrate beautifully with the Molteni aesthetic and products.”

The collection will be presented on May 16th at the

Italian Institute of New York


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