December 18, 2012

Moroso Quilts Classics by Häberli, Urquiola, and Yoshioko

Who doesn’t love a versatile piece of furniture? Adding numerous design possibilities, Moroso brings a fresh new take to three of their most celebrated designs.

First launched by Moroso in 2003 for the manufacturer’s 50th anniversary, the Take a Line for a Walk lounge chair by Alfredo Häberli now features an optional zip-on/zip-off, quilted cover filled with polyester microfiber. Art director Patrizia Moroso asked Häberli to update the design in honor of Moroso’s upcoming 60th anniversary.  

Häberli’s new quilted cover was so well received that Moroso decided to add the plush option to two of its other popular hard-shell pieces: Fjord Relax by Patricia Urquiola and Moon by Tokujin Yoshioko.

This modern interpretation of a classic wing-back chair creates a cocoonlike atmosphere. Now with the added quilt option, offered in various fabrics, the chair truly envelops anyone who is seated. Also, the quilt’s zipper is showcased rather than hidden, which is characteristic of Moroso’s high-end sewing details.



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