September 13, 2013

On the Horizon for K&B: Hansgrohe

From spray technology to hand-held shower heads, Hansgrohe has been creating bathroom history since 1901, just as bathrooms in private homes were becoming mainstream. Founded by Hans Grohe – who recognized that showers were more convenient, efficient, and affordable than baths – the Germany-based company today has moved well beyond stalls made of tin. The range of products – now made from plastics, silicone, mineral resin, and a variety of metals – prioritizes water conservation, comfort, and easy cleaning.

The Raindance Select Ecostat Exposed Shower Thermostat regulates temperature and quantity of flowing water while providing shelf space at the same time. The designers wanted to marry function and style in a traditionally unappealing component of the shower system. To wit, wall connections are hidden because installation is flush with the wall.


“Instead of the usual round pipe,” says Tom Schönherr, co-founder of Phoenix Design, “We chose an angular, flat pipe which attaches elegantly to the wall. This new archetype gives the shower a generous, calm atmosphere, even with an on-wall assembly unit.”


The thermostat also has a 100-degrees safety stop located underneath where a user’s index finger would naturally fall. For those who like to be scalded, simply push past the calibrated point (other products require a dexterous thumb here).


“With its compact form, we developed a new concept for the thermostat,” says Schönherr. “The idea is simple, completely logical, and that’s why it is so amazing.”


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