January 18, 2018

Onward and Upwawrd

Anything in life worth doing should be done vigorously, with conviction, don’t you agree? I say, right-e-o! In media generally and particularly at Interior Design, that means ignition on, full steam ahead. With our first 2-0-1-8 listed on the spine, on to the New Year we race, with you alongside… and I do hope positively. This January issue was designed, after all, to get you off the blocks, pronto. That goes for even the most resolution-averse, recalcitrant ones. Off we go.

After this meet-and-greet-the-new li’l intro you’re currently reading, you’ll find page after page ready to start providing you with creative ideas, viewpoints, and inspiration on how to make 2018 your year of innovation, personal achievement, and fulfillment. There’s “Designwire” news, followed by a “Crosslines” Q&A, “Walk-Through” focused on kitchen and bath, “Market” taking you to High Point, and “Giants” reporting on some of the best numbers, ever, for design’s biggest firms. In the remote event that those departments aren’t enough of a cure for your hard-core winter blues, our annual photo essay will transport you into a realm where architecture, interiors, fashion, and art interweave in ways that are both visually intriguing and thought-provoking. All that precedes features on two inventive hotels perfectly attuned to two very different settings, high in the Andes and deep in the heart of Texas. Yep, that’s what makes hospitality such a popular category, our second-largest.

See? I told you we were full-on. So, wishing you the best on behalf of myself, the other editors and writers and the entire team at Interior Design, and everyone at Sandow: Godspeed!

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