October 24, 2017

Skyline Design Used Flower Fragments In Their Digitally Printed Glass Panels

Photographer Laura Letinsky and textile weaver John Paul Morabito have forged the most unlikely of creative alliances: a working dialogue between their seemingly disparate disciplines, with Letinsky’s photo collages abstracted and woven by Morabito. That bond becomes even more unconventional as the duo tackle yet another medium in Digital Glass Portfolio. The series was sparked by flower-market leftovers and the aftermath of wedding celebrations. “Fragments of flowers, the remains of optimism and promise, were photographed and digitally composed,” Letinsky explains. “Dissonance was then added at the loom,” adds Morabito. “It yielded altogether new images that waver between decay and splendor.” Five final visuals were then transferred to low-iron PPG Starphire tempered glass via proprietary AST digital printing technology. Panels including Ebb, Bourne, and Burgeon are available in sizes up to 60 by 120 inches, with custom color possibilities. skydesign.com

Ebb, Bourne, Burgeon.

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