October 22, 2020

ThinkLab and SANDOW Launch Design Nerds Anonymous Podcast Series

ThinkLab and SANDOW debuted an interiors-focused podcast today called Design Nerds Anonymous. Each Friday, a new episode will be released featuring insights from industry luminaries examining the intersection of business and design. 

“I think everyone thinks of design as this sexy world of beautiful imagery, and design is all of those things but design is also more than that,” says Amanda Schneider, president of ThinkLab. “One of our passions at ThinkLab is looking at the less sexy underbelly of design—the business side of design. We dive into everything from economics, business, innovation, and explore not just objects we design, but the process of design.” 

For the launch of the series, two back-to-back episodes are accessible today. Then a new segment will be unveiled each Friday for the next several weeks, with the exception of election week and the day after Thanksgiving. ThinkLab Insiders will receive all seven episodes in the series as they launch, getting immediate access to the latest industry discussions. 

Learn more about the show and what to expect this season from hosts Schneider and Hannah Viti, Podcast Coordinator, here. And don’t miss out on the first two episodes below. 

Episode 1, The Power of Positive Disruption: ThinkLab explores both the power of design to influence change and early indicators—and opportunities—for disruption within the industry with AJ Paron, EVP and design futurist of SANDOW Design Group; Kelly Weertz, executive director of library services at Material Bank; Elizabeth Von Lehe, design and brand strategy principal at HDR; and Jennifer Kilian, digital partner at McKinsey. Episode sponsored by Kimball International.

Episode 2, Empowering Data with Design: ThinkLab explores opportunities for innovation at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds with the return of McKinsey’s Jennifer Kilian. 

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