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Top Metaverse Resources for Architects and Designers

What is the metaverse and how will it change architecture and design? These top metaverse resources for architects and designers offer an invaluable roadmap forward. Together with our sister brands, Metropolis and ThinkLab, we’ve rounded up stories that consider the future of design in the metaverse. From questions about ethics to constructing virtual offices, take a closer look at Web3 and its impact on design.

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Design in the Metaverse

Back to School: What is the Metaverse?

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Image courtesy of Space Popular.

Designers and architects already are shaping the virtual realm, but what is the metaverse? To fully understand how to design in the space, a gaming session may prove fruitful. And the more advanced gaming design, the better to experience various types of user interactions in the digital space. Read more.

Behind-the-Scenes of a Virtual Office and More in the Metaverse

two people conversing in a virtual office
Image courtesy of Beneville Studios.

Who will design the metaverse and what will communal spaces look like there? Beneville Studio already frequents a digital meeting space that reflects their physical office. From virtual offices to gaming hubs, take a closer look at the design spaces popping up in Web3. Read more.

A Manifesto for Metaverse Ethics: Considering the Civic Infrastructure of the Virtual Environment

a rendering of a curtain opening to another curtain with a sky on it
Image courtesy of Space Popular.

Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg, who founded Space Popular, the firm behind virtual artworks, experiences, and exhibitions present “8 Propositions for a Civic Portal Infrastructure for the Virtual Environment,” a must-read considering metaverse ethics. Read more.

Endless Possibilities: Metaverse Interior Design is Here

a rendering of an art gallery
Image courtesy of Misha Kahn.

Metaverse interior design is here, allowing anyone to design and craft spaces and objects that best express who they are. Between Facebook’s shift to Meta and the popularization of NFTs, interactive digital design objects and interiors are taking shape, like this virtual gallery space by Brooklyn-based designer Misha Kahn. Read more.

Students Explore How to Create Low-Carbon Server Farms in the Metaverse

a rendering of a low carbon server farm
Image courtesy of University of Washington College of Built Environments.

The practical cost of the metaverse will continue to rise as hardware sprawls across the physical world to support the digital infrastructure. To combat the real-world costs of Web3, three groups of student designers took on a near-impossible challenge: low-carbon server farms. Read more.

4 Ways the Metaverse will Impact the Interiors Industry

a virtual office environment
Photo courtesy of IA Interior Architects.

To help demystify the metaverse, ThinkLab speaks with experts in AR/VR and design about how to approach the space as a strategic business tool. With shifts in the traditional workplace, complex design issues, and more, the metaverse provides new ways to problem solve in an evolving collaborative space. Read more.

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