May 9, 2018

Your Home

They say a man’s home is his castle—
but how about designing a home in one? Or in a 16th-century palazzo? Towers and palaces are not exactly your run-of-the-mill, standard-fare addresses. Chances are, you will not get that kind of
commission, even in a lifetime of trying. But hey, weirder things happen, non? And sure enough, we feature not one, but both
the aforementioned examples for your detailed perusal and “safe” consumption! They serve quite well as outliers, sort of our homegrown Pillars of Hercules to an expansive landscape of residential projects we’ve lovingly labored into our Spring 2018 Homes issue. Europe, with Paris and Italy’s treasured Tuscany, and our own prolific East Coast/West Coast (read: New York/California) axis, are just some of the many design destinations you’ll discover inside, along with a just-as-broad range of topics like collecting, weaving, and living in A-frames. With the final addition of a veritable shower of fresh-to-market products for the modern life, I can safely say we offer the complete, holistic, residential design experience. 

Let me expand on the idea of being “safe”—alas, a term you see more and more nowadays—peppered throughout. Each project, product, all the designers in this issue—heck, in every issue—is researched, studied, and interviewed.
Our reporting is fair-minded, unbiased, and, via an exhaustive fact-checking process, consistently true. Our charter mission, to support design and the design trade, mandates that we assemble and offer an impeccably vetted monthly for practitioners to rely on and work with. That’s what my earlier colleagues did, (starting circa 1932), and that’s what my team and I do today.

The following is what we don’t and won’t do: invade your privacy, monitor your habits for third parties, infringe on your activities, collect your data
and sell it to companies (particularly ones intent on organizing coups d’état). Instead, a copy of Homes or Interior Design in your hands is like
a happy couple sitting inside their newly designed home cooing, “Honey, it’s just you and me!”

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