Who’s Who in Design? Read Our Top Interviews of 2023

What drives design innovation? Sure, technology ranks high as do sustainability efforts, but at the heart of each impactful shift is a human touch. Take architect Joey Ho, for instance, who creates spaces that facilitate new ways of learning for kids while sparking joy. Or Tosin Oshinowo, a Nigerian architect who draws on her cultural heritage to develop a distinct design ethos. From seasoned professionals to emerging talents, we’ve rounded up the most-read design interviews of the year, which offer a glimpse into the creative prowess of industry creatives with much to offer.

Interior Design’s Top 10 Design Interviews of the Year

Colin King

Known for his organic yet sophisticated modernist style, Colin King has become a prominent figure in contemporary design. King grew up on a farm in Ohio and has a foundation in classical dance. (He even once trained Taylor Swift!) King brings a unique understanding of the dynamics of stillness and movement to his work. His portfolio includes styling campaigns for major brands like Zara Home, Roman and Williams Guild, West Elm, and Anthropologie. Recently, King launched his first book and ventured into product design with new collections spanning various genres. His artistic approach is influenced by a deep appreciation for art history and the cyclical nature of renewal. In an interview with Interior Design, King discusses his latest collections for Beni Rugs and Troy Lighting, along with insights into his creative process and more. Read more

Designer and stylist Colin King.
Designer and stylist Colin King.

Alfredo Paredes

Alfredo Paredes.
Alfredo Paredes. Photography by Richard Phibbs.

Alfredo Paredes has played a significant role in defining the visual language of Ralph Lauren for over three decades. A key influencer in shaping contemporary notions of American style, Paredes was born in Miami and trained at the Art Institute in Atlanta. His contributions include conceptualizing the look and ambiance of iconic Ralph Lauren locations such as the Madison Avenue flagship, Polo Bar in midtown Manhattan, and Ralph’s in Paris’s 6th arrondissement. In 2019, Paredes ventured into independent design, launching his own firm specializing in retail, hospitality, and residential projects. During a recent interview with Interior Design, he discussed his ongoing collaboration with EJ Victor, new products, and shared insights into his design philosophy, touching on topics like chintz, consistency, and references to “The Beverly Hillbillies.” Read more

Tosin Oshinowo

Tosin Oshinowo, a renowned Nigerian architect, seamlessly integrates spontaneity into her distinct design philosophy, reflecting a bold and confident tone that mirrors her mastery and lifelong passion for design. From a young age, Oshinowo harbored a desire to become an architect, showcasing early talent by reading floor designs and sketching. Pursuing her passion, she left Nigeria to earn four degrees in architecture in London. In 2012, she established her architectural firm, CM Design Atelier, and launched the lifestyle brand Ile-ila.

Oshinowo’s design aesthetic is characterized by simplicity and a commitment to cultural and identity influences. Oshinowo’s work emphasizes the significance of considering culture in design. Her unique design ethos, which she terms “Afro Minimalism,” draws inspiration from modernism and incorporates materials that challenge conventionality while honoring her identity as a Yoruba Nigerian. Her work extends to impactful humanitarian efforts, such as collaborating with the United Nations Development Program to construct a settlement for those displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria. In an interview with Interior Design, Oshinowo discusses her career, humanitarian endeavors, and more. Read more

Tosin Oshinowo at work.
Tosin Oshinowo at work. Photography by Spark Creative.

Guillaume Coutheillas

Guillaume Coutheillas, founder of frenchCALIFORNIA.
Guillaume Coutheillas, founder of frenchCALIFORNIA.

Guillaume Coutheillas launched his interior design and branding firm, frenchCALIFORNIA, almost a decade ago, drawing on his extensive roots in the industry, notably with New York City’s influential DDG Partners development firm. Over the years, his business has evolved to encompass luxury real estate, hospitality, fine art, and the beauty sector. In a conversation with Interior Design, Coutheillas delves into his passion for colors, creating unique design experiences, and emphasizes the importance of recognizing the true value of creative work. Read more

Katie Vance

Katie Vance, partner and chief creative officer at Powell, is a Nashville expert, having significantly influenced the city’s hospitality scene with projects like Chef Sean Brock’s Audrey and June restaurants, The Russell Hotel, and Redheaded Stranger. Vance’s distinctive touch lies in her adept manipulation of texture and color, creating environments that often hold an element of surprise. She embraces the philosophy that design should involve a real risk to yield the best results. Leading Powell’s interior design team, Vance continuously elevates Nashville’s hospitality design landscape. Beyond her role at Powell, she organizes the biannual handmade marketplace, Porter Flea, that showcases and supports local makers. In an interview with Interior Design, Vance discusses her passion for craft and shares insights into her dream project. Read more

Katie Vance, partner and chief creative officer of Powell.
Katie Vance, partner and chief creative officer of Powell.

Bean Buro founding directors Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui

Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, founding directors of Bean Buro.
Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, founding directors of Bean Buro.

In the sun-drenched boardroom of Bean Buro, a design firm based in Hong Kong, founders Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui and Lorène Faure showcase their decade-long journey of success. The boardroom, overlooking the South China Sea, reflects the firm’s soul; shelves display colorful project renderings, sample boards, models, awards, and an eclectic collection of their favorite items. The space is both cozy and highly agile, perfect for fostering creative discussions. Bean Buro is known for collaborating with major developers in Hong Kong. The founders, mindful of their role as leaders and mentors, actively participate in industry events and environmental initiatives. In an interview with Interior Design, Faure and Kinugasa-Tsui share their design inspirations, projects that define their design style, and their commitment to giving back to the Hong Kong community. Read more

Arthur Casas

Arthur Casas, the renowned Brazilian architect and founder of Studio Arthur Casas, envisions simple architecture that is deeply connected to the landscape and employs region-specific materials. Casas faces the complexity of achieving this goal in his native Brazil, where each project is uniquely influenced by factors like evolving slopes, vegetation, neighborhoods, and program allocations. Since establishing his firm in 1990, Casas has successfully completed many diverse global projects spanning residential and commercial architecture, interiors, and furniture design. In an interview with Interior Design, Casas discusses his new translucent glass furniture collection for Etel, a residence that prioritizes nature in social areas, and the color he keeps coming back to for walls. Read more

Architect and designer Arthur Casas.
Architect and designer Arthur Casas. Photography by Bob Wolfenson.

Heidi Painchaud

Heidi Painchaud.
Heidi Painchaud.

In the bustling second floor of a Midtown Toronto studio, iN STUDIO Creative embraces a dynamic and collaborative work environment. Founded seven years ago by partners Heidi Painchaud, Guy Painchaud, and Anthony Orasi, the 35-strong Canadian firm made an impressive mark in 2022 by ranking 49th on Interior Design’s Rising Giants list.

Interior Design sits down with co-founder Heidi Painchaud to explore the post-pandemic nature of today’s workplace. Painchaud shares insights into returning home after a decade in the U.S. to establish a new studio in her hometown of Calgary, and fostering the next generation of creatives. The interview delves into Painchaud’s diverse endeavors, from her contributions to a design textbook to her participation in an artist-in-residence program in Provence. Read more

Caleb Ferris

Caleb Ferris, a San Francisco-based artist, injects humor into the world of contemporary collectible design through his tongue-in-cheek furniture designs. Drawing inspiration from life’s often overlooked details, such as ruffled noodles or the glint of fishing lures, Ferris aims to highlight everyday items we may take for granted. His creative process involves abstracting motifs from his personal library of objects and employing spontaneous finishing techniques that celebrate materiality and the fabrication process. Notably, his Noodle Throne recently earned the 2023 ICFF Editors Award for Seating, establishing Ferris as one to watch in the industry. Read more

San Francisco-based furniture artist Caleb Ferris.
San Francisco-based furniture artist Caleb Ferris.

Joey Ho

Joey Ho.
Joey Ho.

Architect Joey Ho has made his mark through designing innovative kids’ spaces, initially with Spring Learning in Hong Kong and Beijing. Over the past decade, his portfolio has expanded internationally as he crafts engaging spaces for children across different cultures. Trained in Singapore and Hong Kong, Ho operated his epononymous studio, Joey Ho Design, from 2002 to 2015, and later served as chairman of the Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA) from 2017 to 2020. Since joining PAL Design Group in 2015 as design partner, Ho has taken on residential and hospitality projects alongside his continued work on various kids’ spaces. In an interview, he shares his passion for drawing, enthusiasm for learning, key insights from designing kids’ spaces, and offers a sneak peek at a children’s book authored by his daughter, Joelle. Read more

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